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Mascots are simply one of the most effective ways to connect with your audience.

With over 15,000 mascots produced to date, Olympus Group is the largest mascot manufacturer in the United States. Come explore our mascot costume capabilities! We can create any kind of mascot you can imagine, from racing sausages to mastodons to a lighthouse with a working light – we bring our customers’ ideas to life.

When you bring us a unique project you can rely on us to come up with creative solutions. Our team has a wealth of collective knowledge to draw from. This means that your mascot won’t just look good. Your mascot will be unique, look great, function properly and last over time.

We’ve been in business since 1898 – and we’re not going anywhere! Olympus Group is a stable company that has grown and evolved over the years. If you purchase a mascot from us, we hope that it will be a huge success and you’ll come back to us needing more in the future. And we’ll be here for updates, refurbishing, or additional costumes when you need them.

Unique Fact

Our average costume price is 10% BELOW the industry average!

The Olympus Benefit

Our in-house capabilities and large manufacturing capacity allow us to pass cost savings onto you.

“Mascots are ‘the gift that keeps on giving.’ They never get in trouble with the law. They don’t up their fees. You can use them for a long, long time. …Today, social media is giving marketers a whole new playground to test and nurture mascots. I think the web is going to [bring] a heyday for creating new characters and stories. … Think about it. Mascots are approachable, recognizable and fun to have at events. Your clients relate to them and look forward to seeing them and they especially love posting pictures of them on social media, which is valuable exposure for your brand!” — Carol Phillips, President, Brand Amplitude

According to a mascot study conducted by East Tennessee State University, “An effective mascot can drive up communication and traffic on social media sites if used effectively. Companies should not release mascots without first dedicating the proper amount of resources to the character’s creation. An impromptu mascot will surely not benefit brand image or customer interaction.”* With this being said, a properly designed and executed mascot can help promote and increase sales and Olympus Groups’ team of mascot experts have more than 45 years of experience helping clients do just that. After a well thought out mascot design is completed, it takes approximately six weeks to create your mascot. Once built, the possibilities of what your mascot can do for your company are endless.

Is your organization a college or university? Learn why mascots are particularly special to this group.


Find out why mascots are ‘the gift that keeps on giving:

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