We Are the Replication Experts!

With our in-house technology and the expertise that comes from being the most trusted name in mascot costumes, our team can create characters that are virtually indistinguishable from your digital mascot. From scaly geckos and furry bears to beloved cartoon characters, Olympus is unmatched in our replication skills. See for yourself: Can you tell the difference between the digital mascot and the Olympus costume?

Replication Gallery

NBC Universal Cable Entertainment’s Floogal Characters

Olympus Floogal Character Costumes

Kody Kapow Cartoon Characters

Olympus Kody Kapow Costumes

Yogi Bear & Friends Cartoon Characters

Olympus Yogi Bear & Friends Costumes

The GEICO Gecko Mascot

Olympus GEICO Gecko Costume

M&Ms Mascot

Olympus M&Ms Costume