Upload Files

Digital artwork can be uploaded from your internet browser or via FTP.  The web browser option does not require a user name and password.  Instructions for both options are below.

Internet Browser Art Upload (username/password not needed):

The Upload button below will direct you to a secure website to upload your files via the web.  You will not need to enter a username and password.

Secure file upload for client artwork.

FTP Art Upload:  Follow the Instructions Below:

** Please contact your sales representative if you have not been given a user name or password.

  1. In your browser address bar enter ftp.olympusgrp.com
  2. When the Authentication Required window appears
    • Enter the User Name and Password
    • Click Log In
  3. After logging in there will be an Upload and Download folder


  1. Double click to open the Upload folder
  2. Drag and Drop directly or Copy and Paste into the folder


  1. Double click to open the Download folder
  2. Drag and Drop directly or Copy and Paste from the folder


Request a User Name and Password


  1. Email your sales representative
  2. Call your sales representative
    • 800-558-9620



Guidelines For Customer Supplied Art



  • Adobe Illustrator- Mac or Windows
  • Adobe Photoshop-Mac or Windows
  • Adobe InDesign-Mac or Windows
  • Quark Express- Mac or Windows
In order to ensure your project prints correctly and without any delays, please provide your art files in one of the listed formats and in the latest version of the software package. While we can work with other formats, additional pre-press time and art charges may be incurred.


  • DVD+/R/RW- Mac or Windows
  • CD-R/RW- Mac or Windows
  • FTP Upload- Ask your sales rep for instructions
  • PDFs via email- Ask your sales rep for instructions
Please label your media with your name and or company name and include a printout of the directory or list of what is on your disk. If there are extra files on your media, please indicate the file names of the items we are using for your current project. For uploads via FTP or email make sure your Olympus representative has the complete name(s) of your files you are sending us for production.


Outline your fonts whenever possible. If you cannot outline your fonts, please send along all fonts used in your document. This includes the screen and printer fonts.

Depending on the font source, fonts with the same name may actually be different from one computer to another. To avoid any problems with your text we highly recommend converting all of your text to outlines before sending us your file. If you should need assistance on how to convert text to outlines an Olympus representative can assist you in the process.


Images in Photoshop or images linked to other design programs must be included with your design file. These images should be CMYK files with an optimal resolution of no more than 125dpi at finished size. Lesser resolution values are acceptable for images viewed from greater distances. Your document should have the images linked (not embedded) and the images included separately.

Before printing your files the pre-press department will check the resolution and color profile of any images in your document. Images may need to be manipulated to add bleed, reposition your images to avoid a seam or stitch that would detract from the art or to correct color. Including linked images will save time and prevent the potential for additional art changes. **See recommendations for viewing distances and resolution below.


If your design has PMS colors in it, we can color "match" (as close as possible) to those colors when requested. If the files are CMYK we will print the file as is. Color matching to laser printouts can require more time and could incur additional art charges.

A file that looks a certain way on your computer monitor or when printed on your desktop printer will look different on other monitors and can also print differently on our printers. Therefore, colors that are critical, such as logos, it is best to specify a PMS color or colors for us to match. This works best in vector art with solid colors but can be achieved in raster images as well. Our sales representative will be glad to discuss the details of color matching your files.


Your layout can be created any size as long as it is proportionate to the finished size. Example- if the finished size is 96" high x 144" wide you can make the layout 8" high x 12" wide (1/12 scale). Our finishing often requires the design to go beyond the layout dimension (bleed). Please add bleed to your art files.

Many times there are unique finishing options required for your specific project. Please take into consideration how your art will be affected by this finishing. Your art may have to be placed a little differently to avoid a seam, grommet or pole hem. Text may have to be repositioned so it does not get sewn through and layouts may have to be enlarged slightly so material can be cut without leaving white lines around the art. If these things are taken into consideration in the design process it can ensure a smooth and timely completion of your project. Please call an Olympus representative with any questions on setting up your artwork.


Artwork that is cut to shape after printing must include 1/4" of bleed past the cut line. The cut line should be vector art and included on a separate layer with your art file.

We have the ability to take your artwork and cut it to any shape you can imagine, however this takes some special consideration when setting up your file. The two most important things are a cut line and bleed that goes beyond this cut line. If your file is a complex shape it is a big benefit to you if you create a cut line and bleed the artwork when you design your file. When you create the cut line or path it is best to put it on a separate layer in your file. The art should go outside of this line or bleed approximately 1/4” to ensure there will be color to the edge of the finished piece.


** Final viewing distance and recommended dpi*:
Under 5’ = 125dpi 5’ - 10’ = 72dpi
10’ - 15’ = 50dpi 15’ or greater = 25dpi

* resolution of file when produced at final finish size

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