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Price: $9.50/custom – $6.50/stock MOQ: 60
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Two Comfortable Wearing Styles

Our custom face masks offer two different styles to accommodate wearer’s preference. The around the head style comes with a toggle to allow for adjusting the fit behind the head. Our behind the ears style has comfortable elastic bands to fit around ears.

Around the Ears Style

Behind the Head Style

Regular and Petite Size Options Available

Everyone’s face is different. In order to accommodate different face sizes, we’ve created regular (fits most faces) and petite size options.

Face Mask Sizing: Measure from top of nose to bottom of chin.

Additional Form-Fitting Features



Chin and Nose Darts

Chin and nose darts help relieve pressure on nose and chin

toggle to adjust face masks


Adjustable Toggle

Adjustable toggle for behind the head masks to provide the best fit possible

mask is easily removed without causing discomfort to the wearer


Comfort Around Neck

Behind the head mask can easily be taken on and off the face without causing aggravation


Ear Contours

Ear contours reduce pressure from straps on ears

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