Out of Home Advertising

From Billboards to Train Wraps and Everything in Between.

Take your brand to the public with Out of Home advertising products from Olympus. We offer billboards, wall panels, building-size vinyl graphics, and vehicle graphics that can take brands anywhere. From train station ‘dominations’ to wrapping a variety of transit vehicles – buses, trains, automobiles and more! – Olympus has outstanding skill and experience in Out of Home advertising.


Olympus Group has printed billboards for brands ranging from food and beverage to real estate developments over the years and continues to expand in this market. While Out-of-Home advertising has evolved over the past few years to include a wide variety of advertising mediums, billboards remain the most popular type of advertising in the category.

Billboards come in a variety of sizes including:

  • Standard Bulletin (14’ x 48’)
  • Posters (10’ 5” x 22’ 8”)
  • Junior Posters (5’ x 11’)
  • Premier Panels (12’3” x 24’6”)
  • Premier Squares (varies by market)
  • Wallscapes (varies by market)

Additional custom sizes are available according to application.

Out of Home Capabilities

Olympus Group’s five meter solvent printing and heat seaming capabilities allow us to produce eye catching, outdoor durable, full color billboards in virtually any size and quantity.

Standard billboard materials include: 12oz. vinyl, 7oz. vinyl, Polyethylene ‘eco’ material and vinyl mesh. Additional materials are used for embellishments or 3D effects.

Olympus Group’s large format printers produce stunning full color images on premium adhesive vinyl materials that can be applied to a variety of transit vehicles including buses, light rail train cars, commuter rail train cars, taxis and many others. After printing, the graphics are laminated with durable over-laminates in order to withstand weather, washing and other wear and tear. Bus wraps are produced using 3M brand adhesive vinyl and 3M brand over-laminate. 3M is the recognized leader in transit graphics print media.

The newest frontier in Out of Home advertising is airports, which offer the unique opportunity to reach consumers in a more intimate setting than traditional billboards or transit products. Dye-sublimation fabric graphics displayed in SEG (Silicone Edge Graphic) frames are the most popular form of airport advertising due to their superior aesthetic qualities and their ease of installation and removal. Olympus offers turnkey frame and graphic packages and replacement graphics as well. We can produce one graphic or one thousand. When it comes to producing graphics for airport advertising, Olympus Group has you covered.

We’ve produced thousands of yards of Out of Home advertising graphics. We’re ready to take on your next project!

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