Vehicle Graphics

Take your brand on the road and be wherever your customers are.

We love the impact and visibility of vehicle wraps. Digitally printed high performance vinyl with lamination for extended durability, our vehicle graphics stay vivid and bright no matter what the elements throw at them.

Just about every company, university, pro sports team, non-profit or other organization owns a vehicle – and many own a fleet of vehicles. Each of those vehicles has the potential to be a moving billboard, introducing your brand in the markets where you are every day. And while most forms of advertising require ongoing fees to keep your ads in front of customers, vehicle graphics continue to provide Return on Investment long after they’ve been produced, installed and paid for.

Olympus maintains a database of thousands of digital vehicle templates, including the latest makes and models. And if there isn’t a template on hand, we can easily arrange for a survey of your vehicle from which we’ll create a customized template. Once artwork is developed and finalized, our team prints the graphics onto high-performance 3M Controltac adhesive vinyl and add a 3M overlaminate for extended durability. The graphics are then installed by skilled professional graphics installers.

Vehicle graphics don’t need to be at one of our facilities in order for us to wrap them. In fact most of the vehicle wraps that we install are at customer locations, many nationwide. We can wrap just one vehicle, or we can wrap hundreds of vehicles. Our skilled project management teams have even coordinated multiple vehicle wrap installations in multiple cities on the same day to coincide with a new logo unveiling.

Olympus truly offers Bumper to Bumper services when it comes to Vehicle Graphics.

Last but most certainly not least, every sports team’s most interactive and notorious form of branding is their mascot! Olympus Group’s Mascot Division produces more mascots than anyone in the US. Visit our Mascot Division to learn more!

Hit your next sports project out of the park with custom graphics from Olympus.

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