Flag Accessories

Below are the bits and bobs needed to fly your flag with pride!

Please note: Olympus Group is a manufacturer and wholesaler of flags and, therefore, we do not sell directly to the consumer. Please click here to see where you can purchase your residential flagpole.

Part No. Description Image
RK10015 Stamped metal flagpole bracket fits a 3/4″ diameter pole. Shipped in a 6-pack carton.  
RK10035 High density polyethylene flagpole bracket fits a 3/4 – 1 inch diameter pole. Made in USA. Shipped in a 6-pack carton.  
 RK10040   Nylon, 13-position adjustable bracket fits 3/4-1 inch diameter pole. Shipped in 6-pack carton  
 RK10050 Nylon flag snaps. Four per bag. Shipped in a 12-pack carton.  
  RK10055  Flagpole anti-furl kit prevents tangled flags. Two per bag. Shipped in 12-pack carton. Made in USA.  
 RKPW5  5′ wood pole features swivel flag clip. Shipped in a 12-pack carton.  
RKSWG  4′ Anodized aluminum replacement pole section. 2″ diameter. Shipped in a 4-pack carton.  
 RKSP6A2 Aluminum 2 piece spinning flagpole. Shipped in 6-pack carton.