Mascot Galleries

Mascots are ‘the gift that keeps on giving’.

Mascots have a broad appeal that can’t be matched by other forms of advertising. They bring your brand to life in memorable, interactive ways – and create emotional connections that aren’t likely to be forgotten over time. We have helped many different types of organizations bring their brands to life and create lasting connections with fans.

As the largest mascot manufacturer in the US, our Mascot division produces some of America’s most iconic mascot costumes, including: Yogi Bear; Chester Cheetah; the The Famous Racing Sausages ; The Pirates Pierogies; the Geico Gecko and Bucky Badger. We can create just about any mascot you can imagine. Our Mascot Galleries are home to just a small segment of the loveable, high-quality work we have produced.  To help your mascot give the best performance possible, we also carry a range of mascot accessories.

Schools Gallery

Students, families, and faculty love mascots. Bet you still remember your high school mascot!

Sports Teams Gallery

Sports and mascots are a match made in heaven. From little league to national leagues, Olympus makes mascots everyone can root for.

Animals Gallery

Looking for an animal mascot? We make creatures that are at home in land or sea – even dinosaurs, insects, lions, tigers and bears!

Beverages Gallery

From iconic American soda brands to popular adult beverages and everything in between, Olympus does beverage mascots.

Foods Gallery

If you are a food brand, we can help increase awareness and reinforce other marketing investments. We’ve created a smorgasbord of popular mascots that continue to drive brand loyalty.

Human Mascot Gallery

Looking for a human mascot? No problem. From kids to adults and even superheroes, we’ve got you covered.

Objects Gallery

Mascots can turn even everyday items like toilet paper, soccer balls, bowling pins or even forklifts into charming characters.

Fantasy & Monster Gallery

Our mascot team is highly skilled at designing and producing creatures no matter how fantastic or unique.