Project Showcase: St. Augustine 450th Commemoration

16th Century City displays Tapestry of History through stylish 21st Century Custom Exhibit

“Tapestry: The Cultural Threads of First America” is the appropriately-titled exhibition commemorating the 450th anniversary of America’s first and oldest city: St Augustine, Florida. Beginning in 1565, this city became the first permanently-occupied European/Spanish settlement, first free black community, site of the first Catholic church, first public hospital, first port for transatlantic trade, and first formal city government.

This Tapestry exhibition displays numerous objects and images, including the tools and talents of the people that built this 16th century city, and our nation, now portrayed via 21st century exhibit production technologies to authentically present, and preserve, history. This exhibit technology includes high quality textile fabrics, and wide-format digital printing to create a Tapestry that displays the talents of the designer, and the capabilities of Olympus Group.

The exhibits were designed by Stacey Sather, SGS Design in St. Augustine, FL. Susan Bradshaw, Olympus Group Sales Manager, guided production of the exhibit panels from concept to installation.

The initial designs of specific exhibit panels were created for an ambiance of softness and human connection, and to fit over existing display structures within the exhibit area. This meant that a fabric material was needed, instead of a rigid substrate like plastic.

Digitally printed fabrics not only provided this softness, but could also be pillow-cased to fit over the existing display shapes. This is how the graphics for “The Journey” were produced to depict the civil rights movement and the African-American history of St, Augustine and the large cylinder shape displaying the Tapestry timeline.

A major benefit to digitally printed fabrics is sound absorption and sound baffling, particularly in un-carpeted areas, as was the case for much of this Tapestry exhibit. Fabric is light weight, relatively easy to install and uninstall and pack for shipping or storage.

Fabric can be digitally printed up to ten feet wide, by almost any length, allowing for large seamless murals like the Flamenco Dancer in this exhibit. Print quality is outstanding, adding to the realism, style and sophistication of exhibits and displays produced with printed fabrics and wide-format digital printing technologies.

These Tapestry exhibit items were produced on Fisher Textiles Soft Knit fabric, printed on a Mimaki JV5-320 and transferred with a Monti Antonio 901-360 by Olympus Group.

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