P.O.P. & Out-of-Home Design & Production

From napkin sketch to installation, choose Olympus Group and… Imagine it. Done.

Olympus Group’s Agency team offers concept development, and turn-key design and printing services for retail brands. We work with both corporate and franchises, from worldwide chains to small regional brands to individual franchisees. Our team is experienced with a variety of advertising mediums, including: Out-of-Home advertising; point of purchase (POP) displays; branded environments; digital advertising; trade shows and events; and fleet graphics. We’ll even coordinate installation in-market!

We partner with our clients in a variety of ways: To some we are a national supplier, providing idea generation, creative development and printed materials on a system-wide level – and offering the synergy that’s necessary to build a brand, promote a product, or share a message in a consistent fashion across the US. It’s not luck that makes companies like McDonald’s, Nike, and Starbucks successful; it’s consistency in branding, marketing and advertising. We work closely with agencies and franchisees on regional and local levels as well. We can customize national programs to meet local needs, from converting a campaign to Spanish or adjusting timelines and offers to incorporating local photography or different photography to suit the demographics.

Our Agency Brand Execution team provides creative design and production to a wide variety of clients on a daily basis – and we do it quickly! Many of these clients have us design and produce their directional billboards, stadium and event signage using local team logos, vehicle wraps, wall-scapes, and a wide variety of custom POP items. We also work with them to brainstorm new and creative ideas to support local initiatives, solve problems, and promote products and events.

The Agency Brand Execution team at Olympus Group provides a critical link between corporate marketing departments, agencies, and local store operations in a cost-effective and efficient model.

Our skilled account management and design teams offer end to end project execution including: Access to approved photography and resources; activation guides; product, brand and design guidelines; templates; a secure website to access design and product resource catalogs; obtaining the necessary legal and creative approvals; print production; delivery and installation.

Your goals are our goals: we want to make you look good! Isn’t that what partners do?

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