Why Use a Mascot?

Mascots significantly increase your company’s value!

Ever since the Quaker Oats Man made his first appearance in 1877, mascots have been branding products and businesses of all types. Mascots are one of the most classic forms of branding and remain relevant today, promoting products and slinging slogans with continual fervor.

A well thought out mascot can be thought of as the face of your business, building brand awareness and recognition among your clients. When you think of Geico, Cheetos or The Milwaukee Brewers, what do you think of first? The Geico Gecko? Chester Cheetah? The Racing Sausages? Mascots are a great marketing tool to help build strong, long-lasting relationships with your consumers, while also conveying a positive message about your company.

Did you know, a celebrity endorsement has only about 3.9% effectiveness compared to a mascot’s effectiveness of 22.2%? Not only is it more cost effective to have a mascot made for your company, it’s also more effective on your social media sites and other avenues of marketing. Your consumers will recognize your mascot for a lifetime!

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